Our work would simply not be possible without our amazing volunteers. You can help us change lives right now – and develop valuable skills and friendships along the way. Below are examples of both the medical and non-medical roles we recruit for and how you can apply.

International Volunteering

We collaborate with the MDM network to send volunteers to projects around the world. More information can be found here


London Clinic

Clinic Support Workers

Clinic support workers are the main point of contact for the people we help. They carry out interviews to determine needs and provide advice. They also act as advocates and liaise with NHS service providers to link people to the care they need. This role does not require clinical experience but would suit someone with an interest in helping vulnerable groups.  

Clinic support workers must be able to commit to two sessions a month, for 6 months (or for longer if they wish). The clinic is on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 11:45am to 7pm, though we are looking to start running on Thursday soon too.

You can apply for this role during one of four annual recruitment windows. Please only apply if you are able to make the minimum commitment, and attend both the dates provided below for compulsory training.

Our April Recruitment Window is now closed.

If you missed this window, please consider applying during our next window which is anticipated to open sometime in Late June/Early July

Please note that these vacancies are often oversubscribed. We encourage applications from those with previous experience of working face-to-face with vulnerable people. Applications from people who have lived experience and or who speak any of the following languages are also encouraged: Bengali, Mandarin, Hindi, Pashto, Tamil, Tagalog, Malayalam, Arabic, Tigrinya, Kurdish, Albanian.

Applications can be made via this link which will become live once the next recruitment opens.


Caseworkers take on the more in-depth and complex cases from our clinic or other outreach work. They are also the first point of contact for service-users who contact our office. They act as an advocate and liaise with NHS and other services to link people to the care they need. This office-based role requires a commitment of two days a week (10am-5pm) for at least three months. 

We are now recruiting for Volunteer Caseworkers! Please apply at this link - the deadline is 29th July.

GPs and Nurses

We only recruit fully-qualified GPs, due to how we are registered with the CQC and issues related to clinical supervision, and we also only take on nurses with at least two years’ post-qualification experience.

We currently are in the fortunate position of having all of the clinicians that we need.  Please check back again and click on these links if you're a doctor or a nurse who'd like to apply. (The links will be activated again when the next recruitment window is opened).

Student Placements

Whether you're studying medicine, social work, international development, or something completely different, we offer volunteer placements for students. We do not offer clinical work, but rather an opportunity to advocate for our service-users' health and social needs. Placements are usually for a minimum of 25 days, often spread over 2-3 months. We welcome students from the UK and abroad.

Our latest recruitment window for student placements is now open! Please apply at this link- the deadline is 29th July.

 If you are looking to apply for a future recruitment window, please refer to our recruitment timetable below:




May - August 2018

March - April 2018

31st March

Early August - December 2018

Late June - August 2018

31st July

January 2019 - April 2019

November - December 2018

30th November

May - August 2019

March - April 2019

31st March 2019

We are aware that some applicants may require more advance confirmation of gaining a placement to help meet university deadlines. We will bear that in mind when it comes to the order of the shortlisting process, but cannot accept applications outside of the recruitment window.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accept applications in advance of the advertised window, respond to speculative requests, or provide information about the progress of individual applications, but we will let all applicants know the outcome with as much notice as possible.

Check our current vacancies here.

For more information on any of the above roles, get in touch.