When you visit our clinics you will see two or three of our lovely and friendly volunteer team.

Our clinics are confidential, non-judgmental spaces where everyone is welcome.

A clinic support worker

Kalina portraitFirst you will see a support worker like Kalina. They will discuss how we can help you and will be able to help you register with a GP, and link you in with other useful services including mental health support. They can also help you fill in a form to get a certificate for free prescriptions, sight tests and dental care if you are struggling to pay for any of them.

A doctor or nurse

Thelma portrait.
You will be able to see one of our doctors or nurses like Thelma. If you are feeling unwell you can discuss your symptoms with them. It is also a safe space to talk about anything that might have happened to you that could be troubling you.

Find out more about where our UK clinics are and when to visit here