If you’re a student passionate about Doctors of the World UK, we can help you to bring our work to your university.

We can offer students the chance hear from people who have been on the frontline of healthcare and emergency aid, provide professional development opportunities, and give you the materials you need to encourage others.

Will you take the lead?

Help us build new long-lasting relationships with medical schools, student organisations and the university community by getting in touch.

You can take the lead where you live, study or work, shaping your local student group the way you feel can make the biggest impact locally. We offer:

  • Exciting speakers
  • Fundraising and campaign ideas and support
  • Unique access to healthcare training workshops and resources
  • Updates about volunteering opportunities

We also encourage medical students to deliver our Safe Surgeries peer-to-peer training at their universities and workplaces, to improve their peers' understanding of migrant rights to, and experiences of, healthcare. More information and resources are available here.

You can download our brochure for students here or contact [email protected] for further information.